Search Engine Values: Yahoo

On: September 29, 2012

Everyone knows that Google is the most valuable and popular search engine. After all, it’s hard to read through the Tech or Business pages on any news website without coming across something that’s happening in the Google world. However, when it comes to the runner-up, people’s guesses are all over the map.

According to the Okoto proprietary website valuation algorithm, however, Yahoo is the second most valuable search engine website in the world. And, it’s the third most valuable website (of any kind) in the world. Only Facebook can drive a wedge between the two search engine powerhouses, Google and Yahoo.

Just how valuable is Yahoo? By Okoto’s estimate, $7,971,721,576.45. That figure comes from June 2012, the most recent month for which data is available. So, how does Okoto determine that the Yahoo website is worth nearly $8 billion? It’s a secret process that’s too complicated to explain. Essentially, Okoto looks at a variety of factors, from web traffic to active links to links received, and more to determine an incredibly exact estimate of a website’s value.

The value assigned to a website is not the same as the value assigned to a company. Yahoo! Inc. stock, for example hasn’t gained or fallen much in value since the recession hit. However, the website’s value has risen moderately over the last year despite the stock’s general stagnation.

The value of a website isn’t necessarily connected directly to the value of the stock. In fact, in many cases (take Facebook, for example), there’s very little correlation at all. The Okoto factor doesn’t necessarily mean that is a great investment right now. Rather, it provides a different way of looking at data.

Check out Okoto to learn more interesting facts about the value of Also, search your own site or your competitors’ sites for more great statistics!

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