Search Engine Values: Bing

On: October 6, 2012

You might ask yourself, “Who ever uses Bing?” Well, it turns out a lot of people do. We’re not exactly sure who they are, but Bing is the 30th most trafficked website in the world. Not bad for a search engine that came onto the scene in mid-2009. With Google very firmly established at this point in Internet history, Bing’s entrance was a daring move. However, the Microsoft powerhouses behind it certainly pushed with all their might. And, their efforts paid off.’s value has steadily increased since August 2011 (the earliest month for which data is available. That month, the website was valued at $5.138 billion. In June 2012, the most recent month for which data is available, was estimated to be worth $6.225 billion. That’s an increase of $1.097 billion!

When Okoto discovered this statistic, many people were floored. Experts are predicting that Bing’s upward trend will only continue from here. If you’re interested in following the value of Bing or other websites, then Okoto has all of the tools and information you need to do so.

The value of a website can’t be determined by looking at it’s shares on the stock market. And, with many smaller companies and/or websites, this isn’t even an option. Instead of basing value off of Wall Street information and annual reports, Okoto uses a proprietary algorithm that looks at web traffic, incoming and outbound links, and more. With this sophisticated data mining ability, Okoto is able to determine unique (and, more importantly, accurate) values for any website on the Internet.

Look up your own website, a competitor’s, or another search engine today to learn something you didn’t know before. Information may be found for pure trivia and interest; or it may be used to leverage your business in a never-before-seen way!

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