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On: January 15, 2013

It seems like no matter where you are in the world there is some type of computer nearby. Computers are a very large part of modern life all over the world. Did you know that smartphones and cellphones that allow you to use the internet are actually mini computers? Tablets and laptops are also different types of computers. There are even “toys” that are computers such as the “Kurio Kids Tablet” which is very similar to (but tougher than) a tablet like the iPad. Computers have many different and important uses such as for education. You can take a class online which can be very similar to one of your classes at school. You might actually be able to see and talk to your teacher and other students online depending on the particular class. You may even be able to talk to children from other countries. There are also online classes available where you can’t see your teacher or any other students yet the classes are still wonderful ways to learn.

In addition to online classes there are also other ways to learn online such as by playing online educational games. Many games are free and so much fun to play that you won’t even realize that you’re learning. Certain games online help you learn to read, perform math equations, learn to type and many other essential things. You can also use a computer to search any topic that you can think of (as long as mom and dad give you permission) and read about it. This function will become very important as you pass into higher grades when you will be given assignments that require you to search and learn about specific topics. You will probably also need to use a computer to complete homework assignments with special software that helps you to create documents. There are many different kinds of software that you can use on computers to help you do many different things. For example there are some wonderful drawing and animation software packages that will help you to create amazing artwork.

Computers are also a very important part of the business world. There are many jobs that focus on computers such as a computer programmer. In this type of job the person takes many classes in college where they learn all about computers. In other jobs (such as a doctor) computers are not the main focus of the job but are necessary for other aspects of the business. A doctor may need tests done on a patient where a computer is used to run the equipment for the test. Patient information is kept in a computer which the doctor needs to see and which is also used for billing. In the business world a lot of accounting is performed on computers. Instead of having to look through many pieces of paper for information on a certain account all the information can be quickly and easily found online.

Computers are also often used for entertainment. Not only can you play games online but you can also watch episodes of certain TV shows or watch movies. The possibilities are endless! Computers are a necessary part of life in today’s world and it is important to know how to properly use them. Learning to use a computer is easy. There are many games, lessons, worksheets and other things available online to help you learn. You will also learn how to use computers in most schools as well. This article will provide you with links that will help you to learn about computers. The links are placed into the following categories: Computer Basics; Keyboarding; Surfing the Web; and Computer Health& Safety.

Computer Basics

Computer Basics PDF
Computer Basic Lessons
Computer Basics for Kids Worksheet
Computer Basics for Kids-Make Me Genius
Kids Domain Computer Connections-Computers Inside & Out
Computer Basics with Tim and Moby
Click-N-Learn JR
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Keyboard Invaders Game
Bubble Typing Game
Dance Mat Typing
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Typing Lessons, Games and Tests
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Speed Typing and Keyboard Practice Games
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Surfing the Web

Fact Monster’s Guide to Doing Research on the Internet
What is a Web Browser?
World Wide Web
Search Engine Tutorial
Surf the Web

Computer Health & Safety

How Cybersmart are You Quiz
Clicky’s Web World
Hector’s World
Cyber Cafe
Safety Land Game
Tips for Internet Safety
Tips for Safe Surfing
Safe Searching
Computers Can be a Real Pain
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Safety Tips

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