Just How Popular is Inc.com?

On: December 11, 2012

It turns out that this little three-letter domain is a lot more popular and valuable than you would probably guess. Inc.com may be short, but it sure packs a lot of dollar signs – not to mention great content for business people, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Just how much is it worth? Inc.com, which is owned by Mansueto Ventures LLC, is estimated to be worth $42,848,429.65 at the time of writing. That $42.8 million doesn’t even include the actual value of Inc Magazine or the brand as a whole. Rather, Okoto’s proprietary algorithm draws on a number of resources and factors to determine the domain’s worth.

But the actual value of Inc.com isn’t the only significant information you can learn through Okoto. You can also find out when it was created (March 6, 1996), the number of active links it has (at least 33,414), and the number of visitors it’s received in the last 12 months (8,441,377). That shakes down to 23,127 visitors per day. Sure, it doesn’t compare to Forbes’ 330 thousand visitors per day, but it’s not bad!

As you look at data on Okoto, it’s important to remember that the actual number of visitors and links associated with a domain is usually much higher than what is listed. The reason for this is that many websites hide the links that they embed on their sites, making them difficult (or impossible) for the algorithm to pick up on.

While it’s interesting to look at data for Inc.com and other websites, the real significance of Okoto lies within your website. You can use Okoto (free, easy, no sign-up required) to find out the value of your domain – or your competitors’ domains. Simply type in your .com to find out what your domain is worth and the traffic that it receives.

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