eBay v. Amazon: Which Is More Valuable?

On: October 13, 2012

If you ask your average man-on-the-street which website is more valuable – eBay or Amazon – you’re likely to hear one answer over and over: “Amazon, of course!” While it’s hard to beat rock bottom prices and free shipping on orders over $25, it seems like eBay is doing it! At least, that’s what Okoto says.

Okoto is a new way of looking at the Internet. Through a proprietary algorithm, Okoto is able to analyze any website on the Internet. It takes into account facts like website traffic, active links, and more to determine which sites are the most valuable on the Internet. But, it isn’t just top-dollar sites like eBay and Amazon that Okoto is capable of analyzing.

Okoto can look at any website – whether it’s a company, blog, or performs any other function (including no function at all!). By performing the algorithm, Okoto is then able to deliver data that shares the value of the website. Check out what it turned up on eBay and Amazon:

According to the most recent data available (June 2012), eBay is worth $4.446 billion, and Amazon is worth $4.339 billion. It may be just a marginal difference. However, the last year’s worth of data from Okoto doesn’t suggest a fluke. Since August 2011 (the first month for which Okoto data is available), Amazon has been lagging behind eBay by several million dollars.

Browse through more sets of data, and compare websites on your own to see the surprising results. In fact, comparison is one of the most beneficial uses of Okoto. Business owners may be able to obtain information about their competitor’s sales figures. However, finding out information about the value of their competitor’s website has proven to be a much more difficult feat.

Okoto doesn’t just tell you how many page views your competitor’s website gets; it also tells you an actual dollar figure value! Check out Okoto for more great information!

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