Check Out Mashable’s Growth in Just Seven Years

On: December 15, 2012 is still relatively new to the internet. The domain launched on July 19, 2005, making it just seven years and four months old. But, in that short amount of time, the domain has grown in value. Today, is estimated by Okoto’s proprietary algorithms to be worth $150,499,166.18.

$150 million isn’t bad for seven years of business, right? Plus, it’s important to point out that Okoto doesn’t evaluate the worth of a business. Rather, the algorithm only looks at the worth of a domain.

Of course, it’s hard to separate the value of great content and a domain. And when it comes to great content, Mashable has some of the internet’s finest. Whether you’re interested in news, technology, social media, entertainment, or more… Mashable has it covered.

With updates throughout the day, and a strong social media presence, Mashable has been rapidly expanding over the last few years. However, Mashable’s story isn’t just one continuous upward spike. In fact, the value of the Mashable domain is down from a previous high.

One year ago, in November 2011, the Mashable domain was estimated to be $154,835,338.54. That’s nearly $4 million more than what it’s currently worth. Even in March 2012, just one month before April 2012 (the most recent month for which data is available), the website domain was valued at $152.36 million. Today, Mashable’s domain seems to be slipping. The site is currently evaluated at $150.5 million.

While watching to see what Mashable will do next is interesting, Okoto allows you to do much more. You can enter your own domain (or the domain of your competitors) into to find out your worth. Or, you can use the free service (no sign-up required) to find out who owns your competitors’ domains, as well as their contact information. Learn more with Okoto today!

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