Business is Booming for Forbes

On: November 30, 2012

If you run a business, then you’d probably be thrilled to get 330,263 visitors per day. Well, you’d either be thrilled, or you’d be dealing with a crashed server. However, if you’re, 330,263 visitors is just another day in the life.

According to Okoto’s proprietary website algorithm, has received over 120.5 million visitors over the last 12 months, and the domain is worth more than $585 million. Because Okoto is using incomplete data from a variety of sources, probably sees even more traffic – and is worth even more money. However, those figures certainly aren’t bad places to start!

Forbes Magazine has been viewed for years as the leader in business and creative business thought for years. So, it makes sense that when the magazine took its expertise to the web, it would do well. Because all of Forbes’ online content is completely free to view, the website has far outperformed similar business magazines online such as,,, and

Also, Forbes has been online longer than any other magazine. At the time of writing, has been up and running for 19 years and five months – it was created on June 17, 1993. While there are a number of features that go into creating a profitable website, few features will rival great content.

If you’re interested in creating a domain that’s as valuable as, don’t let SEO tips and tricks cloud your vision. Keep great content at the forefront of your mind, and most of the other technical issues will fall into place.

Already have a website? Find out just how much your site is worth according to Okoto’s proprietary algorithm. It’s free, easy, and gives you a good idea of how you compare with your peers. Learn your site’s value today!

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